CeeDee Lamb was “willing to do anything” to make up for dropped pass

It looked like Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb‘s Monday night performance would be remembered for a blunder until he came through with a more positive moment in the fourth quarter.

Cowboys quarterback Cooper Rush hit a wide-open Lamb with a deep ball that would have either turned into a touchdown or set the Cowboys up in prime scoring position, but Lamb let the ball go through his hands and the Cowboys didn’t score on that possession. The lack of points in that spot was one of the reasons why the Cowboys and Giants were tied 13-13 when the Cowboys got the ball in the fourth quarter to set the stage for Lamb’s redemption.

Rush hit Lamb four times for 48 yards on that drive, including a terrific one-handed catch in the end zone for a touchdown that put the Cowboys up for good. After the 23-16 win was in the books, Lamb said he “was willing to do anything to make up” to make up for the drop and that he was grateful the team gave him a chance to do so.

“We preach toughness and willingness, and I was willing to put my body out on the line for the other 10 guys and the other guys on the sideline,” Lamb said, via the team’s website. “They’re believing in me, they trust my talent, and so do I. It’s going to have its ebbs and flows. It’s all about being consistent and staying positive. Everything is not gonna go my way, but when it does, it’s gonna go big.”

Lamb went big in both directions on Monday night, but the positive wound up outweighing the negative.