Effects Of Social Media On Youth


From the past two decades, social media gained a lot of attention and fame all over the world. Nowadays almost every person is on social media. But teenagers and youth are way too attracted to social media. The use of social media has both negative and positive perspectives. Here we go to talk about the effects of social media on youth briefly.

Negative Impacts

Cheating with assignments:

Mostly youngsters do their assignment online, some take help from online, and some cheat others’ work and do copy/paste.

Suffer for grades :

Youngsters waste their time on social media; use their devices while studying, somehow which distracts them a lot. They used to check their sites every minute, so they have no focus on their studies and get bad grades.

Harm employees productivity :

Nowadays one in five employees used to check their social sites while work which distracts them a lot, (says a study).

Bullying :

Bullying is the use of force or threat or aggressive abusive behavior towards someone. A person who is bullied mostly have long/short term impacts. They mostly suffer from anxiety, depression. It also leads a victim to suicide.

Positive impacts

Education :

When it comes to social media, it also helps a person almost in every kind of work. There is a lot of stuff on social media like, lectures, notes; students can get anything for their work on social media.

Awareness :

Social media has great benefits when it comes to awareness. We can make pages on social platforms and can post anything. Through social media, we also get news about the universe and almost everything. We can spread awareness about our human rights and about other sensitive issues.

Social benefits :

Social media is very common nowadays, so it is very easy to take advantage of it. We can do online business, we can do online jobs, online study. It almost can give all the benefits that we want in our daily life.

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