Top 10 Ways How To Deal With Exam Stress


No doubt, it is a general phenomenon to experience exam stress; students often think that the stressful thoughts and conditions should not get out of control. Just because of the pressure of the exam, students prone to stress and anxiety, and with this, they didn’t pay proper attention to their examinations. 

Well, don’t be panic! Just give a read to this article to unfold the question of how to deal with exam stress. We are listed few evidence-based ways that really work for you. Well, just stick with the below ways and get ready to become a brilliant student by achieving good grades.

Best & Simple Ways to Deal With Exam Stress:

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Keep a Positive Outlook:

First of all, you ought to understand a positive approach to life. Passing or failing an exam does not make a threat to your life. Yes, make a positive sketch in mind that there is life after exams and take a preparation time just a passing phase. When you begin your exams preparation with such positive thoughts, then you will be able to give more attention to your studies. Well, this way really positively works for you and even allows you to get ready for an exam without any negative thoughts.

Accept The Fact That You Are Stressed:

Remember that it just accept the fact that you are prone to stress because of the upcoming exams. Well, there is a need to take a short break from reading as it is good for you! Also, you can engage yourself in a casual gossip with a senior or confidante one who can assists you to put things in perspective.

You ought to make a discussion with one who is familiar with your stressed feelings. Yes, the discussion is the way through which you not only get the eases; it will also assist you in putting things in the right perspective.

Don’t Make Comparison

Well, you can see lots of students who prone to stress when they start comparing themselves with others concerning their pattern of revising or even the number of chapters completed. No doubt, every student has his/her own style of brushing up study notes. So, according to experts, you ought to examine and stick on the pattern of study that will work for you best. So, if you want to avoid comparison, you ought to help yourself by sticking an orderly study timetable that is suitable for you!

Reward own yourself

You ought to stick on a pre-set goal as it can be beneficial in more ways than one. When you achieve your own goal of revising a chapter within a specific timeframe, you will get the ease of looking forward to as your reward. Also, after your exams, a celebration with friends and family can push your limits to give it your best during exam time. 

Attention on your breathing

No doubt, optimistic studies show that during stressful moments, your breathing rate goes up drastically. Palpitations happen just because of upcoming exams or during an exam. Yes, at the instance, you ought to actively focus on your quick and shallow breaths. .A simple way that can help you lighten your panic in the examination hall is to just sit back for a moment and adjust on your breath. Well, it is the only way that can help you to fight the exam stress.

Limit The time for social media Interactions:

According to experts, the time that students spend on social media interaction will bombard with unnecessary information and even chatters that saps their mind power. It does not matter whether they are utilizing Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter. You just have to remember that all these apps will drain your valuable time and energy. You have to allocate time during the day when you will respond to these apps during the exam if you want to achieve good grades. 

Eating Right way

Sound strange – But for most of us, diet takes a backseat while preparing for exams. Keep in mind, an erratic diet really harmful to your well-being, especially when there is a need to concentrate on your studies. During the exam, you ought to consume the right food or treat yourself as a well-built machine, which requires fuel at regular intervals. You ought to start your day with a hearty breakfast. However, feeding your body with the right food will provide much-needed energy and nutrition to your brain, even it will help you ace your exams. You ought to consume fresh fruits and veggies during exam time.

Get Enough Sleep:

Well, food is a source of fuel to the body, and sleep replenishes the lost brain-power. While preparing a study timetable, make sure that you can get an 8-hour sleep before you wake up for your exam. Keep in mind; it is best to avoid revising any topic after you hit the bed.

Consume Dark Chocolate

Yes, according to several studies, the dark chocolate that has more than 70% cocoa can work as a stress-buster. Remember that consuming dark chocolate not only satisfies your taste, but it also assists you to relax your body. During stress, a human body releases a steroid hormone known as Cortisol – and the dark chocolate is the thing that will work against this hormone and even assists you to soothe your nerves. Apart from it, consuming dark chocolate during exams is also releases feel-good hormones that can work as natural stress-busters.

Utilized Technology To Become Your Tutor

No doubt, you can find lots of mobile apps that will become ‘on the go’ tutors. You have to explore different apps and find the right one that really suitable for your relevant subject. However, downloading these tutor apps and free educational apps will assist you in assimilating online information anywhere and anytime. Students who stick on the path of technology can readily beat the symptoms of exam stress. 

Well, the above-given steps help you to deal with exam stress, stick on them, and say goodbye to stress during or before exams – Good Luck!

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