How To Stay Fit


There’s this famous phrase “healthy body has a sound mind”. So basically in order to live a healthy life you need to stay fit. Fitness is important in every aspect of life, body and mind have a deep connection with each other, if one of them gets sick, and the other one will get sick itself, so it’s really important to keep them both healthy. If you want to live your life to the fullest keep yourself fit. Here are some tips for keeping yourself fit, these tips definitely going to help you.


Mental health has a very important role in fitness, if you’re fully positive and encouraged to stay fit, if your mind have positive thoughts about it, it’ll get easier to do, always keep your mind positive about everything you do.
tip #Meetup with a counselor, get a friend who’ll listen to you without any  hesitation and judgment, do something that can make you and your mind active  and happy, anything according to your mood, avoid over thinking, it’ll make you  upset, and do remind your brain to keep moving for positive thing.


A morning walk is kind of soothing act, every single person should add it in their to do list. In morning fresh air filled up your lungs with oxygen which is good for your body and your breath system. The noises of chirping of birds calms your mind, everything, includes exercises, walking, jogging, everything in the morning on an empty stomach makes you healthy. Better try to take steps except riding it’ll keep you healthy for sure.

Tip # 2 Morning walk is like a healthy meditation, try to do it every morning on an empty stomach, but do take boiled water while jogging, it helps in losing weight.


Healthy meals have nutrients in itself. Healthy meals like raw fruits/ vegetables, fresh juices/ milk, eggs/ meat, fish etc. Take healthy breakfast. Meals which contain proteins, vitamins, iron, calcium, try to take them every day in the form of your day meals.

Tip # 3 Have good fresh meal every day, healthy breakfast in the morning along with fresh fruits and juices or boiled eggs. Always do try to take light lunch and  dinners along with mix veggies and fruits salad with little bit changes according  to your choice, it’ll make your digestive system faster and clears yours stomach.


Water is important for a healthy body, water clears your lungs, make your skin smooth, and it helps in losing weight, and so on.
Tip # 4 Take boiled water on empty stomach it helps in losing weight, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, it’ll keep your body hydrated.


Perfect 8 hours sleep is required for a healthy body, go to sleep early at least on (9pm) and wakeup on (5am) in the morning. Perfect scheduled sleep keeps your dark circles away, brighten your skin, strengthen your mind, your stomach works properly and it keeps it in good position.

Tip# 5 If you want to sleep soundly at night, better stay active whole day, do your work, it’ll make your body tired, so when you go to bed at night, you can sleep well.


Nowadays technology is taking place of our leisure activities, like in old times people used to play fun games, some used to something productive in their leisure times, like gardening, sketching anything they would like to do. But now everybody is busy in their own robotic world, mobiles and other technologies are making them lazy and slow, so try to do something that will let you away from mobiles and TV for sometime every day.

Tip # 6 Keep your phones away on tea time and dinner, try to do something productive rather than getting involved in mobile, if you’re a game lover, try to take part in sports, make yourself active, it’ll make you healthier.


Drugs are very common, 5 out of 4 people are drug addicts. Mostly teenagers are getting involved in drugs, most of them doing it in a fun way, and most of them are badly addicted. It causes various diseases like asthma, TV, cancer etc. It also makes them depressed and lazy, it failed them in their lives and they don’t even realizing it and continuously doing it.

Tip # 7  Drugs causes many physical and mental diseases, people need to avoid it. If someone is offering you drugs in school do threaten them and tell your parents/ counselor, anyone whomever you believe truly. Do not let yourself get involved in these kinds of unhealthy activities, JUST DON’T.

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