Why Should Education Be Free for All – know Before Your Regret!


No doubt, education is one of the basic needs that an individual requires along with clothes, food, and shelter. People who get an education live a better and even happier life than those who remain uneducated in their life. Experts depict that education guides you on how to spend a perfect life. Making use of certain opportunities and even resources in your surroundings.

Since education is essential and also a basic need for all; so what you think, should not it be free for all? In fact, this is said to be the most important question in all kinds of educational entities and forums all over the globe. Dissertation writing services reported that there are several countries where individuals are not able to get even basic education, the reason behind this is poverty. Moreover, education is something that can precisely remove poverty. But the question is how come a person gets the desired education when he is poor?

What does the World say about Free Education?

Statista reported that more than 90% of people in Spain, Russia, Serbia, China, Turkey, France, and several other countries agree with this idea that education should be free for all.  Moreover, there are many NGOs that have been working constantly against expensive college education in most of the countries. 

In today’s world, many people believe that education is something that shouldn’t have any barrier, border, or business. However, education should be completely free for all without any discrimination. Also, education shouldn’t be the luxury, which only the rich could afford it. Rather, a poor kid also should be able to access education in order to learn in a proper environment.

If you take a look around all over the globe, you won’t stop yourself from saying that it is the hard work of some great individuals that education is not anymore the luxury, which only could afford by rich or royal. Currently, there are several free educational campaigns and programs that remain active all the time and even also make it possible for needy children to learn in a better college, school, or university.

Education should not be Free for Rich or Elites People:

When it comes to free education for all, it is quite important to take a look at the point of view that is about rich people. The article was published in Bloomberg back in 2017; in this stuff, the author reveals that the concept of free education will assist rich individuals more than poor or needy.

The article further reported that rather making education free all. The governments and even the rich should help needy and poor students to get a proper education. 

Consequently, whether a study is set free for all or expensive for only rich people. The poor and needy for children have to be provided with every opportunity to make use of education. And become better people. Though it looks like a dream if all children across the globe are provided a quality education. There will be maximum chances to remove poverty and discontent from all over the globe.

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